Money Monday – eBay

It’s time to declutter and make some money!! Over the past few months I have been slowly going through my office closet and getting rid of old stuff I do not need anymore.  Yes, some stuff has been donated, but I rather sell some stuff for extra cash.  Donating is great, but sometimes some of this tech doesn’t go in the right hands or not handled properly.  So even though I may make $5 and the hassle of taking the time to sell it and drop it off at the post office cost more in time.  I like knowing that this particular person got what they needed.

A packaging tip, save Amazon boxes and envelopes to make shipping easier. Or you can invest in some poly mailer shipping envelops which can be nice. Another great tool is some adhesive shipping label pouches.

What I enjoy about selling on eBay is all the profit goes to my PayPal and a lot of my monthly subscriptions come from my PayPal account.  So as I sell stuff monthly, its paying for my subscriptions.  So selling an old DirecTV receiver may only be $15, but I look at it as free Netflix for the month!!


Airbnb/House Tips #4 – Cameras

Yes, you read it right, I have cameras installed at our Airbnb. Not what you are thinking, these cameras are just installed outside.  We have one mounted by the garage that views the driveway, one at the gate when you enter, and one at the front door.  In our guestbook we state that we have these 3 cameras and it is totally legal as long as it can’t see in the private areas.  These have been very helpful when there are more than the allowed number of guests.

At our primary residence we have the same cameras and they are great.  The app is very easy to navigate and you can flip between houses and view the cameras live from anywhere.

The cameras that we have installed are Ring cameras, the doorbell cameras are hardwired, and the “roof” mounted are also hardwired, the front gate is not.

Roof Mounted Cameras ($169)

Ring Doorbell Pro ($249)

Ring Doorbell 3 (Not Hardwired) ($199)

Ring Doorbell Solar Charger (For the above Doorbell)($49)
This product is great if your Doorbell isn’t hardwired and you don’t have the ability to charge the battery often.

When it comes to cameras, go with the most recent and highest quality. Otherwise you will not be able to identify faces and they walk past them so fast you will miss the details. A great tool for watching the cameras live is the Alexa Show.  I have one installed in my office and by my bed, if there is any motion just ask Alexa and you can see it live!

Tighten Up Tuesday – Deebot

Today is Tight Up Tuesday, so it’s time for me to start cleaning up around the house.  While I do, laundry, dishes or cleaning up other things I love to run my Deebot around the house.

This little thing is great, and it has WiFi so from my phone I can control it anytime, anywhere.  So if I’m sitting on the couch and watching The Office from my phone I can start vacuuming the house! Have fun today!

Tighten Up!!

Money Monday – Bitcoin Halving

Today is the day, the Bitcoin Halving has just happened. The last one occurred on July 7, 2016. I am not going to get into detail of what exactly the halving is, but you can watch this video.

Whats important is what will happen to price?

Here is a chart from an exchange, Binance.

Screen Shot 2020-05-11 at 8.59.43 AM

The time of this post this post, the price of Bitcoin is $8,600.  Now looking at this chart, not only do we see insane price increase but we also see this didn’t happen overnight.  So first rule, DO NOT PANIC and just go by Bitcoin.  Stick to your strategy, this take a lot of discipline, but it will pay out.  If you don’t have a strategy, read this and just dollar cost average weekly.

Now let me play a few scenarios out for you. These scenarios are just based on pure historical date from the 2 previous halving events, there is no technical analysis here.

After the first halving the price increase rate fell about 63%, if we take the prince increase rate down another 63%, it takes us to a price increase rate of  1089%. With that being said if the Bitcoin price when halving occurred is $8,600 and we add a 1089% price increase, we will see a $93,700 Bitcoin. 

Now here is chart with some other scenarios

Screen Shot 2020-05-11 at 11.00.02 AM

Scenario 1, is the example I gave above
Scenario 2, is just an example
Scenario 3, is also just an example

The last 2 scenarios are just random, who knows what will happen.  I am bullish on Bitcoin longterm, so I like to play around with numbers and see the possible gains.

What do you think will happen?

Cinco de Mayo – David Clutch Live

Happy Cinco de Mayo!! This is probably my favorite holiday, hands down.  I love tequila, love tacos, and love Mexican beer. Unfortunately we can not all party together, but Audra and I will be making our own tacos at home.  For the entertainment we will be tuning into Twitch to see David playing a Cinco de Mayo set live from Mas For Favor in Las Vegas.  Come join!!

7:00 pm PST

Tighten Up Tuesday – Clean Up The Javy House

Today is Tighten Up Tuesday! This is can be anything, not necessarily weight, but something that you need to change? What in your physical life that you need to “tighten up”. Maybe tighten up your closet, get rid of some extra clothes, tighten up the garage, tighten up your office.

Currently I am at our rental property, The Javy House, we are planing on going back home tomorrow after being here for a week.  I have been enjoying the pool, the bbq and just enjoying a change of scenery.  Today I am going to tighten up around the house, organize our storage closet, clean up the backyard. Get the house back in great shape for when we are able to start renting again.

What are you doing today, Tighten Up Tuesday?

Money Monday

Today is Money Monday, this is where I check my investments, check my finances, and set a budget for the week.

Here’s an update on my favorite “assets”

Bitcoin – $8,850
Halving is 7 days away


Wynn – $80
Tesla – $761
Apple – $293
Amazon – $2315
Vanguard Real Estate ETF (VNQ) – $73.18
SoFi Gig Economy EFT (GIGE) – $18.230